Light & Darkness – Part 27
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June 16th, 2014

Light & Darkness – Part 27

It’s a real eye-openner.  It’s like I see the world in a whole new way.

Katie helped me with the inks on this one, and hopefully I can coerce her into helping out as the chapter closes out here moving forward.  If you’ve not eyeballed her drawn work, and you like dem pones, she’s worth giving a gander.  At the very least, commend her daily efforts to keep my head screwed on straight, as I imagine that’s a very stressful battle.

  • Ken Cypher

    …did they just blow a hole through the roof?

    • Zaron

      Try comparing the introductory shot of the mountain to the area they’re in now. ;o

      But, uh, don’t run any numbers on how long they were in that tunnel compared to how long it looks like the tunnel could be.

      … nobody’s perfect.