Light & Darkness – Part 23
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February 17th, 2014

Light & Darkness – Part 23

Continuing our blistering update pace, obviously, but like last time I’ve still been up to other things, which will particularly excite you if you’re following this whole Lonely Hooves business, and otherwise you probably won’t be too enthralled but humor me anyway.

Bit by bit, things get done.  How exiting!

  • Ken Cypher


    You’re actually uploading LH somewhere?!?

    Color me shocked and awed.

    …and back on topic of THIS comic, so I take it that critter scared of a simple light spell is Omage himself. That means that Omage is still alive. Clearly Aimu has never seen any of The Mummy movies. Any curse that makes the curse’s victim immortal is too easy to turn into “Cursed with Awesome”. Just because the ******* hasn’t figured out a way around the downsides of his curse yet, doesn’t mean he won’t figure it out later, and thus become a blight upon future generations. Nice job breaking it, giant.