Light & Darkness – Part 22
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January 16th, 2014

Light & Darkness – Part 22

Happy 2014, guys.  Remember when I said I’d miss an update like three months ago?  Ho ho!  Little did either of us know I meant “time for a crisis with regards to my sense of self and priorities”!  How exciting.

Things are moving along on several fronts, very slowly, all at once.  I’m sort of putzing about, trying to find a balance to things.  In the meantime, I’m still working on HP, it’s just… a lot less priority #1 in my life.  It doesn’t really earn the right to be in that position and it’s held it for years anyway, so I’m sort of trying things out; dabbling in Game Maker again, trying to pop into FL once in a while, poking at Lonely, and trying to find time to learn and adjust to Manga Studio 5 whilest I continue this chapter in the previous iteration.

Seeing as I’ve never linked it here, let me show you one fruit of such whimsical labors, my first successful attempt at remixing, because vocals seem a lot easier to work with creatively than game melodies.

  • Ken Cypher

    YouTube account subscribed. /)^3^(

    Hmm… now I wonder how killing his own brother is going to bite Omage on the backside. Actual, literal “Divine Wrath”, perhaps? His powers simply shutting down with no “Equal yet Opposite” counterpoint? I can hardly wait to hear just how badly the universe is going to screw him over.