Weird Monday

Hey guys!  Apologies for no page this week.  I checked out Terraria’s Halloween update, and then Katie decided to check out Terraria in general, and then there were wars over the computer and who got to play Terraria.  My version of warfare is “meh I’ll play Tales wait LM HAS A FLAME SWORD AND A POWER DRILL?” and then sobbing in the corner of the office because I work all the hours, mind, but… we’re straying from the matter at hand here.

I was not able to get a page of SoT beyond the planning and scripting stages, but I did have the next page of Lonely like half done, so I wrapped that up instead.  If you’re into that weird little mess of a fanfic I’m slowly doing, you can find that right here.

Anyway, hopefully now that the initial fascination is over I can try and get both my own wanting to play and my girlfriend’s in check this week so next Monday will see things getting back to normal.  Alternatively, I would love to get going on making myself a diamond pickaxe.