Light & Darkness – Part 21
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October 28th, 2013

Light & Darkness – Part 21

It’s a pie.

General Notice: There will quite likely not be on update next Monday (11/4/13).  I need to get some work done on my Monsters & Dames submission (for the children!) and should really try to catch up on commission work in the event I actually manage to finish the thing.  On the flip side, I miiiiight have something go up between Thursday and Monday to celebrate the season, because I’d like to pretend having a window like that makes Halloween last 5 days.

  • Ken Cypher

    I just noticed something odd. Dime’s coat sleeves go from long in panel 1, to short in the rest of the comic. Also, where the heck did his left arm go in panel 6?

    • Zaron

      My battles with keeping Dime’s outfit consistent have been discovered! If you go back a page you might notice his jacket just ends up being his whole shirt as the undershirt is consumed whole. Also fun: his ears. I keep messing up his ears. :s

      His arm goes behind his back. It’s much less interesting an explanation than “epic coat wars.” Sorry.