Electric Enemy – Part 16
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August 31st, 2006

Electric Enemy – Part 16

Hello, randomly placed (at this point in time) commentary!

If nothing else, Photoshop is always fun for making random seizureific backgrounds.  Whole chapter is full of them.

While looking at it now the whole page makes me cringe at how I handled assorted things (It’s presently been… just shy of two years since this originally went up on Comic Genesis, it seems.  Is Mark on a couch or is that a boneless doll?), I do love that middle-bottom panel to pieces still.  The glow on the glasses could be better, but otherwise this has stood the test of time quite well in that respect.  Also, Snowy in a night gown is always hot, even when it’s not drawn the greatest.

Oh, and if this your first time through, pay attention.  This’ll be important later.  that 90 page behemoth chapter coming up?  Uh-huh.  That continues Darin’s little mystery.  And so far if you get it, you’re in the vast minority.  Good luck, buddy.  >: D

Seriously, though, it’s not that hard…