Where Did Gato Go?

Hey guys!  It’s been a couple weeks since anything happened, and I figure I should let you all know I don’t just really, really want you to dwell on this page forever.

Last week sort of wound up being a vacation of sorts; I’d forgotten it was the weekend we had plans to be away from home until about Wednesday, at which point I stared at a blank page and laughed and played more Tales of Graces.  This week has been the start of prep for Rose City Comicon!  How exciting!  I’ve designed some new buttons that arent ponies (hint: “your vassals are my vassals”) and Katie is hard at work on restocking some favorite trolls.

The general plan right now is that things will be fairly quiet until possibly October, though I may sneak a page in before then, as we’re trying to get everything rightly sorted for the show.  We’re a proper vendor across from a six table collective and we are quite rightly intimidated out of our minds.  It’s scary!

But anyway, that’s what’s going on.  See y’all in October, yes?  In the meantime, maybe review the chapter and speculate amongst yourselves.  Speculation is fun.  It fuels me.  It makes me feel like your horrible puppet master.