Generic Update Post

Hey guys, it’s your neighborhood slacker letting you know what’s been going on.

As I believe I stated back when this weird little side story started, real life has been fairly interesting, and balancing it with work has been exceptionally difficult.  The goal of this penciled style was to speed up the process, but it’s actually taking longer!  After three weeks of losing entire weekends and losing my temper at anyone who got within five feet of me on a daily basis, I decided that it was in my best interest to take a few weeks off.  Christmas was coming anyway and my stress wasn’t going anywhere.

I’ve since been admittedly entranced by building a large testament to my insanity in LittleBigPlanet, because I dig that thing and it’s given me an outlet whilest I’ve cleared my head.  For the record, this thing is about a quarter to a third done.  It’s quite grand in its ambitions, but I’d rarely do anything any other way, which I guess is evidenced by my idea of a pseudo-vacation from the main storyline has backfired terribly in its main reason to exist.

I’m not giving up on things or anything, though, as that’s not how I tend to go about this.  However, with other projects on the vine and my prep time for con season being down to the last two months or so before ECCC comes to test my fledgling financial stability, Trelldain/HP and its ilk are going to be easing up a bit.  I’m not sure exactly what this means yet, as I want to keep updating with some regularity, but the pace will likely slow as I try to make some headway on other projects, including the now year-old Lonely Hooves and some new wares, particularly prints and button designs.

I know this is kind of a bummer and I do apologize if this gives you the sads or anything.  That said, I know my readership is generally people more interested in me than webcomics, so I would like to encourage you to maybe take some time to check out some of the other stuff out there and expand your horizons.  I strongly recommend MAiZ and Lackadaisy if you’re as into fuzzy things alternating between being semi-adorable and going full BA as your presence here suggests you are.

If you don’t care for tracking spastic irregularity, I recommend checking out Comic Rocket and subbing to HP there.  Assuming I can get my serial issues worked out (presently the comic “ends” on Fragments part 6), it should let you know when I get new pages up and out with fair dependency, and it’s also how I went about finally reading Lackadaisy myself.

As for updates, nothing this Monday (doing commission work and LH, might try a stream or two depending on the tasks), maybe next?  I’ll try.  No promises.

That’s all for now. Toodles!

Hiate - Flow Sketch (1/2/12)