Light and Darkness – Part 1
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November 12th, 2012

Light and Darkness – Part 1

Gaaaah this was meant to go up a month ago and then the site exploded!  Wasn’t that fun?  Anybody still here?  If I build it, will they come?  It was a financial issue and I apologize for the inconvenience.  The economy and real life have hit me and my hosty friend both kinda hard and it seems we were both broke simultaneously.  Sucks!  But I scraped the barrel and things are better now.  If’n you’d like to help prevent future financial conundrums for us, you can always hit the ol’ Donate button to the side there, or buy some neat crap from the shop.  There’s probably some stuff there that wasn’t last time you looked.  Soon there may be even more things.  So that’s an option.

Anyway, this!

This is a fairly recent idea I had.  I have several conundrums facing me, and I figured this would be a neat way to do most all of them:

  1. I haven’t run ads in over a year because Fragments is a horrible, horrible chapter to have be an introduction to newcomers.  The next chapter is meant to be much more approachable, but this should be as well!
  2. The holidays, family matters, and my work hours are a giant cluster every year about this time, but this year is finding ways to be extra special due to my grandparents’ declining health, which tends to happen when you start being eight decades old.  That said, I was concerned about time constraints and being able to get the pages done, as that’s proven rather difficult even as things have been lately, so we’re trying something a little bit quicker here with a more natural, sketchy style.  I hope you like it!  It’s a bit more up my alley.
  3. I really, really want a second book of some sort printed before con season starts up in March.  This is the goal, and the first in a series hopefully, which in turn means I’ll be trying to take advantage of the quicker art style to get a bit of a buffer going, which will help me with the next bit…
  4. I have other projects!  Project Zwihei, a Metroidvanian design chronicling Darin’s escape from the lab and the stories of those who aided him (which is now being teased bit by bit in the story proper, with a couple nods in Fragments tucked away) is one such project that’s been getting musically inclined more than anything, but I’d like to try and get at least a prototype going, if not try building it in GM Studio for Windows and Mac support, and maybe a dose of Greenlight?  Big dreams!  But the other one has also been dancing around and teasing a certain fandom for nearly a year now, and I think it’s about time I commit some effort to it, because the idea will not die, so I may just devolve into writing horrible fanfiction for your entertainment.  We’ll see!
  5. There is a certain character I want in the next chapter that I’d really like to see not pull a Jack and just appear out of nowhere and confuse everybody, and he’s going to be kinda a big deal here!  Also, Sharet’s going to be in this, and it’ll kinda serve as a bridge between Fragments and what’s coming down the line in terms of the two characters involved.  Or, at least, it does so in my head.

So hopefully that helps explain this last-minute change of plans!  To those of you anticipating weird Batman motifs, it’s still coming!  It’s just delayed by a few months.  If you’re really nice, I might even work ahead enough to let the Interlude here update twice a week. ;o


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