A Slight Shift In Arrangement

Alright, spambots, we get it.  You’re obnoxious. And you, poll box!  You haven’t changed in, what, five years?  Time for you to go.

So in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve nixxed that ancient poll and the shout box.  Both have been on the chopping block for a while now, but the influx of spambots about lately has led to their removal now instead of in the distant future when the long-pretend-promised site redesign happens.

For the handfull of people still partial to the Shout Box, the site’s comments are controlled by Disqus because of it’s wonderful ability to sift spam from real people, and it allows you to post as a guest with just your email address, but people are adverse to that, so here’s all the other accounts it accepts on top of creating an actual Disqus sign-in that works on any and all sites that also use it as a comment system too:

  • Facebook sign-in
  • Google sign-in
  • Twitter sign-in
  • Open ID
  • Freakin’ Yahoo of all things.

If you somehow lack literally all of those things but want to comment regularly, or even if you just fit that latter description, I’d recommend a Disqus sign-in. The only emails I can recall them ever sending me are reply notifications, and I think you can turn that off.  It’s super easy to set up and works on a lot of webcomics and other sites out there like my personal favorite little hole for gaming news, Siliconera.  Regardless, I’m sure there will be a little backlash to this just because some people are oddly adverse to this sort of thing.

That said, to complain about it, you still have to basically use Disqus. :3

  • KimArlene

    Niiiiiiiice~  !!!!