Fragments – Part 36
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September 17th, 2012

Fragments – Part 36

You’re a bit young for ink, there, chica, but okay.

  • Ken Cypher

    Wait, this thing works with Facebook now? Nice.


    I find the placement of that not-ink glyph to be quite interesting. Usually, Marks of Power, or what have you, are either centered on the chest, or over one’s heart. Is there a specific reason for the placement?

    …unless her internals are flipped, which, while rare, DOES happen iRL…

    • Benjamin Worth

      Well, from what I’ve seen in other places/comics, the glyph could be anywhere on the body. Like on the back of the shoulder blade, or on the arm, leg, or side of the body. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the front.

    • Zaron

      There’s a reason for the placement but I’m not gonna tell what it is yet~ ;3