Virus + Bacteria = Bizarre Disease Lichen?

So, as the title suggests, illness has taken hold of the household and, as you might imagine, this affected my week pretty harshly.  Aside from the comic taking the obvious hit of “Oh look, there’s not jack this week… again,” my work schedule had to be shifted a lot this week to make sure I had the income to do minor things like, you know, pay the bills.  A nickel from the ad box every Monday does not exactly accomplish this, so I got to enjoy the office this weekend with the sniffles, but at least able to stand up straight, which is better than I’ve been since the 4th.  Oh, right.  There was also that whole Independence Day busy-all-day thing.

The short version is the page that had been meant to go up today is in fact not even done being sketched yet, and I apologize but am left to admit it was somewhat out of my hands this time. @.@;

That said I guess I have a bit of a head start for next week, then?