Fragments – Part 19
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March 26th, 2012

Fragments – Part 19

Random news: I will be at ECCC this coming weekend and selling all sorts of crap.  You should come see me if you’re in Seattle and want books, prints, buttons, stickers, etc.

The next couple weeks may also be a bit weird on updates.  I will try and keep you guys posted if things go awry. :)

  • Ract

    i feel a`certen legend of zelda moment in this one

  • Bernd01

    I saw you there! And got your card. I’m super happy with the “Bronies Represent” pin I bought. (I was the guy with the long hair.) So you think you might be putting any more awesome pins up in your store? :3

    • Zaron

      Definitely!  We’re looking into getting that set up ASAP.  :)