Chapter 11 – Fragments
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November 7th, 2011

Chapter 11 – Fragments

There has been an amazing amount of Darin in my head lately.  A lot has changed since the outset, which should help make things… interesting!  >:D

This chapter’s intro has been shifting in my head with such frequency that as I post this as an unspoken agreement to not suck and get something up on a regular basis again (which I guess kinda is spoken now, in a sense), I am still uncertain how I’ll be setting out!  It’s both exciting and worrying.  It’s a bridge chapter, there to kinda pace things nicely, so… we’ll see!  And you’ll all finally get to learn something new about Darin, I hope. :)  He is a crowd favorite after all, so I aim to not disappoint.

In other news, there’s the new name and logo.  The site will follow suit as soon as I can come up with something that I don’t think is horrendously ugly for a design to go around my desired layout, so… keep your eyes peeled for news on that, I guess!

See you around.