Status Update

Blerg and woot and wootblergs!  This is a mixed bag of news.  I shall start with the positives!

First of, I made the Weekly Top 5 on Newgrounds’ Audio Portal this week with the first song from my new project.  Said new project also has some pixel junk over on DeviantART.  These things are happening for a reason, I fear!  But are bringing good things my way.

The reason, unfortunately, is expensive to fix and hindering to getting anything done on here.  My tablet is broken.  LM’s tablet, my backup, is also basically broken.  I can’t find any sort of information regarding getting this thing sent off for repairs, either, and replacing it outright would run me 400 bucks.  Normally this would just be a bummer, but I’m down being able to take commissions due to this, and my car has about $800 of crap that needs doing to keep running, and I’ve got plans to move out of my parents’ place at long freaking last in the near future, which’ll run me about $500 up front and be an increase in rent and living expenses all around.  This is leaving out my dieing-rapidly TV I keep putting up with the fits of because I can’t afford to replace the thing, and don’t know if anyone repairs LCDs or what.  I’m not doing so hot on the dinero and thus can’t really replace the tablet.

And I kind of need that.  That’s what I draw the comic with, and I need it for any site redesigns unless I pull some crazy vectors out of my nethers.  I could go for a bamboo for present needs or something, I guess, but I kinda don’t know what to do!

But there are some minor things you can do to help me out!  I’m not going to point anyone right at the ol’ donate button (I wouldn’t mind people using this at all, mind), but rather I’m going to throw out some other acts you can do for me either right away or in the near future!

First off, get your friends all up in here.  The downtime is a good time to catch up to the plot, or even revisit old pages and refresh your perspective on things.  This gets more readers in here, and even for those of you who’ve been around ages, an archive binge or two tends to get my traffic looking a lot more appealing to advertisers and, minor though it is, that couple extra cents a day really starts to add up over time.  It also generally improves the quality of the ads that run so we’re more likely to get neat stuff, which in turn means the ads get more clicks, which in turn means even better ads.  This is of course assuming you guys are as curious as m about this sort of thing, I guess, but the point is that getting more people around doesn’t hurt anyone.

Second, I have the second proof of SoT#1 on it’s way!  Be on the lookout for that announcement that should be coming in the next couple weeks where I tell all of you how you can get your hands on a copy of your own!  In light of the present situation, I may move to offer a special package of some sort if I can work out the details and provide those willing to float the coin a manner in which to score a couple extra goodies.  We’ll see!

I’ll try and keep you guys posted on what all is going down with this!  It’s kinda a bum deal but I’m trying to get things worked out!  D:  Hopefully things get back on track soon and I can make all the Darin and Snowy fans happy with chapter 11.

Oh yes.  I just dropped that bomb.