What’s Next?

Chapter is done!  That only took four years or something.

So here’s the agenda.  First off, or at least that you’ll be seeing, is that the printed book should, theoretically, be finished!  Actually, which of these things I’m bringing up comes first is kinda out of my hands – I’ll be waiting on the second proof to make sure the book is corrected and ready for general consumption.  Once it’s all set up, I can basically guarantee I’ll be shoving it down everyone’s throats so as to make some coin off of it.  Or something.

Second, the site redesign I keep promising is going to go down.  Erik and I’ll be working out the kinks here pretty soon, and hopefully in the end the transition on your end will be fairly seamless and not at all breaking the entire site down into a pile of flames and terror.  But I promise nothing.

Ideally these things won’t take too long!  Do linger.  If anyone’s up for it, I’ll be accepting guest strips for the down time as well, so if you’re interested in this drop me a line!  I’ll be here beating… Lappy 4?  FOUR?  What happened?  Stuff happened.  I’ll elaborate later, when I’m not abducting my mother’s desktop to type on an unfamiliar keyboard whose keys are half worn beyond marking.  Interesting!

So yeah, stay tuned and junk!  I’ll keep the blog up to date and try to make sure we have… something on a weekly basis here.  😮