Into the Arena – Part 99
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April 25th, 2011

Into the Arena – Part 99

Getting a bit better with Manga Studio’s tools for color.  Still room for improvement, obviously, but time should assist, and this is considerably faster, though I’m also stylizing a lot (see: BLUUUUUUUUE PANEL), but I kinda enjoy that sort of thing and it’s nothing new as far as ths comic’s concerned so some of you probably haven’t even noticed the changes yet.

Not sure how long consistent updates will keep up (laptop needs to be sent in for repairs already. =___= I blame my temper, in all honesty, but it’s still quite a gyp since even then it’s quite a stretch that the thing should have the screen broken already. A laptop should be built to take a little abuse, honestly, and far more than I deal out to mine, seeing as you’re meant to carry the darn things everywhere and accidents happen.  But hey, technology is flimsy as humanely possible anymore, because I guess a few hundred bucks for an iWhatever or laptop every few months is just common expense now, you rich jerks.)

But yes, as long as my temp setup is working and I have the laptop, I’ll keep working on pages.  When I do not have the computer in question, things will be a bit more interesting, but time will tell.

No guarantees for next week, thus, but I will try. :/  Watch the twitter for updates on these things.