Into the Arena – Part 96
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November 8th, 2010

Into the Arena – Part 96

Well that was a fun few months?

Not officially back on this yet, still bouncing around things a lot, but with the Axe Cop strip running and about 90% of you not realizing there’s even a blog on the main page I figure nobody loses this way or something.

That and it was a nice excuse to get something done tonight once my initial plans spit in my face or some such thing.  Regardless, here’s page 300 finally.  Still bouncing around the name change and logo and site’s future and so on and so forth and egads, but I have gotten two of the three main things I wanted to get done done initially knocked out, that being the Axe Cop strip and Revival, which I may have good news about in the future.  The third thing entails Flash, Mark, and a gaudy pair of shorts.  I still intend to do this, but have been putting it off as much as possible. c:  We’ll see.

Enjoy my random decision to update this week.  Sorry for the relative silence lately.  😡

EDIT: This is a bit subconscious on my part but can you say “full circle?”

  • Roger McClure

    Nice to see an update. 😛