Name: Revival
Release: August 2010
Programming & Design: Samuel “Zaron X” Boyd
Audio & Music Design: Erik “Blackhole” McClure
Download Link: Right here.
Download Mirrors: Yoyo Games, 64Digits

You find yourself on an empty world, surrounded by darkness.
Why are you here, and what is your goal?

Revival is a semi-experimental explorational platformer designed for Yoyo Games’ Summer 2010 Game Contest, “Discovery.”  The game encourages player exploration over seven areas on a desolate, unnamed world.  There is no textual feedback or conventional item/progress counters or other HUD elements, advancement instead being represented via in-world elements and cues.

This marks my first time completing a game that uses actual level design instead of an endless, randomized difficulty progression of some sort.  It is also the first finished game to bear the Studio Gato moniker.

Download Revival