Redux is Go!

Redux is now launched on the site, and you can totally hit it up by clicking right here right now.  I’ll be updating around the site to account for this (Guide, Archive, etc.), and then save maybe a guide entry or two plan to take the rest of the week off because I drew four pages and this side tower thing over the last week, designed the new “First” button divider page and associated images, and posted all 20 pages of this thing plus tags and commentary that will probably need some editing over the next couple of days anyway. Aside from that I’ve been given two months to find a real job or I get kicked out of my house, and when I do find one my rent doubles.  : D  So yeah, unless you guys magically start pooping a couple hundred bucks into the donation jar / merch profits every month, I’mma have to reorganize my schedule a tad.  I’m hoping this won’t interfere with update frequency, but that’s gonna depend on what kind of job I wind up with, largely.

But, hey, yeah, Redux.  It’s live.  Tell your friends, tell Twitter, tell Facebook, write it on bathroom stall doors, I don’t care.  This has been a long time coming, though, so please help spread the word. I’d love nothing more than for this to help reader retention and get a few people in here.

Aside from that, I need to start figuring out the print version’s goodies, which you can help me out with right here.  On the other hand, if you’re not comfortable posting on topic #666 (that just figures), feel free to leave your witty questions and genuine inquiries for the cast in the comments below.  As stated in the forum thread, I’ll be choosing my favorite ones for the rodents to answer in the printed version of Redux’s bonus materials.

That should about sum it up, kids.  Again, help spread the word!  This is a major project for me, and my inner attention whore wants every drop it can get! Peace out!