Journey Begins Redux – Cover
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April 10th, 2003

Journey Begins Redux – Cover

Cripes.  I’ve been grinding at getting this thing ready for months, and the last week has been crunch time like I’ve rarely known, but it’s finally here!  HP Redux #1, the retelling of the first chapter, is finally up live on the site, seven years and two hosts later.  I’d be giddy if I hadn’t made myself so tired doing it.

The first page of Redux falls on HP’s birthday – April 11th, 2003 – in the archives.  The dating for the files was changed when I moved off of private hosting to Comic Genesis back in the day, and stuck for WordPress, so HP’s date of origin had been lost to most for quite some time.  Hopefully now it’ll be a bit easier to remember.  😉

If you’re a new reader, dig in and prepare for the presently jarring shift in art style come time to dive into chapter 2 (I may or may not keep Redux going in the future, but for now this sucker’s it. :x)  If you’re an old reader, enjoy the update to how things all began and stop telling me how bad the first pages are.  I have given in to your demands, and done so more than you could ever have asked. Most of you, anyway.  A couple of you are dreamers.  Nothing wrong with that, mind, but I’ve wishes of my own to grant before I can wiggle my ears and bring all of yours’ into existence.  Now I’ve up and gone on a tangent.

I hope you guys like it!  Keep your eyes peeled – I’m aiming to have a printed version sometime down the line, with spiffy extras. ; )

-Samuel “Zaron X” Boyd
May 31st, 2010