Into the Arena – Part 87
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May 24th, 2010

Into the Arena – Part 87

So then how did you get it, Tenla?

And for anyone wondering, yes, she’s had that all along.  Poorly drawn, mayhaps, but there all the same the Gem-Sho is.  Ho ho!  It feels good when I can point out something from years ago that has actually mattered. Someday, I’ll be able to do this all the time, and you guys’ll be all “Oh, so THAAAT’S what he meant!”

And if you get that vague reference to a one-star movie that I adore like few others then congratulations!  You are awesome.

The rest of you, start mulling over how well this is about to go over.  Will Tenla succeed, or will she end up kicking Jenya in the face once to cover her own escape?  Only time will tell! : O

  • Zaron

    However, despite her always having the thing, I *consistently forget* to draw that stupid string over her shoulder for it… >_>