Into the Arena – Part 85
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May 10th, 2010

Into the Arena – Part 85

This was… hard.  For so many reasons.  Aside from just the sheer complexity of the page and how many little critters are on it, I’ve been having a hard time caring this week.

Anyone who’s followed the Twitter over the last week has gotten to deal with me spamming the poor thing with my every thought at times just as a coping mechanism for the emotional garbage I’m dealing with.  I try to keep that nonsense off of the site itself, and I’m not about to change that because you guys don’t need it.  You’re here to see rodents beat the crap out of each other and assorted forms of evil, and this week I’ve done that and topped it all with a fire-breathing lizard, even if it’s set me a few days behind schedule for the next page.

Honestly, tho, it’s nice to have Hiaté back to form and finally fighting the Urakait hordes.  Last time Sam pretty much handled it himself with her taunting Jamal, so this is the first time she’s employed the Rod quite so properly.  Be sure to drop by next week for Jenya’s response to the sudden rear-kick she’s receiving, and possibly to find out what Tenla’s up to.