Into the Arena – Part 77
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March 15th, 2010

Into the Arena – Part 77

Jamal is too cool to call out his attacks, so I pinned the thing Yu Yu Hakusho style.  It’s cool, Jamal, just keep grinning and giving me tower ad material like that and we’ll call it even.

I’m a bit iffy on this page.  I’ve learned it’s hard to give the impression of several shadowy needles flying into the air from below, as even now I question if that’s even remotely obvious as what’s happening.  Practice makes perfect, I guess, and since I bothered to name the attack you can bet it’ll show up again, so sooner or later I’m bound to get it right.

In the meantime you all can suffer with my horrid pencil-grain dark spikes of death swirling about.  Do let me know how that’s working for you.