Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 1
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March 22nd, 2005

Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 1

Cue flashback!

I argue with myself over whether or not I should have put the whole flashback scene where I did. It’s long, and I think the reader may forget what’s going on by the time I switch back to the bandits if I don’t play it right. In either case, it will get some people off my back over “Who’s THAT? What’s going ON? What does THIS have to do with anything?” Everyone gets confused and yells at me like I don’t know what I’m doing. Truth is, I have this planned through until they hit Crosond, so I have quite a bit figured out, and the entire history of Ms. Noumou WILL be revealed, including how her mother dies, how she learns to summon, EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS. Now get off my back!

On another note, I hear how cliché my choice of plot is. Well, why mess with a working formula? Besides, who cares how unique a history is? I don’t plan on doing much with it. Really, what happened then that you need to know about is in that box. Cliché or not, it sets the stage, which is where I spend most of my creativity. If you people had any idea what sort of landscapes these guys are visiting. Some of these, too, are a bit cliché, but not for hamsters. Let’s face it, hamsters don’t get fantasy settings. They get Hamtaro. Well, I chage that quite quickly, I think, and will continue to. The towers will be fun, the areas AROUND the towers will be fun, and the cultures I’ve developed will be fun as well. Hiaté’s story about Dylan is not the entire plot to HP. It’s hardly HALF of it. It sets up J&S, but hardly matters at all in Part II and isn’t all too important in Part III, either, though more so than in the second. J&S is the first part of a trilogy, though possibly the longest in my mind thus far, and it, too, will touch on issues outside the Urakait. Octavious, Lardman and all the others can get off my back. None of you even KNOW what’s going on in the world of HamstaPowah outside of the bandit scene, and thus don’t know any of the plot. Stuff u!


Well, anyone who gets confused about the parts 1, 2, and 3 thing… they’ve all merged. XD The stories tie together so much that instead of the ending being part 3 and the band’s story being part 2, everything is just one mass, meaning later chapters will alternate between the activities of the band and the caravan. This works pretty well for when Hiaté and company are just travelling from place to place and we need something more important to look at, ne?