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LATEST NEWS: 7/27/08

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

So hey, long time no do anything. Most people have already noticed I’m sure but we’ve got a new logo and archive nav buttons. I’m slowly but surely updating bits of the site, but I’ve wanted a new logo for some time now and am rather pleased with how draft 32c finally came out so after three days of that thing changing it settled and there we are. Leave any typical praise or “oh my God it burns my eyes!” comments in the shoutbox or HP Discussion thread Zeph titled “Holy Crap!” I’ve also updated several things in the Cafépress shop with the new logo, so check that out too. There should be some new products and hopefully commission information on the actual Shop page soon, as well as the long-awaited Guide update and bringing the comic commentary template up to par with the news box…. but one thing at a time.

Site traffic is down to the lowest it’s been in a year, and I realize my udpates haven’t been awesomely plentiful lately, but it makes me a little sad all the same. Thankfully, I’m planning a bit of promoting.

First of all, I’m slowly nabbing ad space on Buzz, which is down at the moment, but that’s fine as they wouldn’t let anyone buy ad space for the downtime anyway. Guess I should have seen that coming. That said, no voting, or vote incentives, until August 8th or whatever it says when you try to vote. Yes, I know the big vote button up top is gone. It’s not Christmas anymore. The gingerbread army thing doesn’t really apply, and the top space needed some clearing anyway.

Second, KUMORICON. I’ve been wanting to hit this thing for years, and it sounds like me and LM are finally going to do it. Misery loves company, and crowds leave me worried I’ll be loving company a lot, but not the point! One must attend a convention before one can participate in one, and if all goes well maybe next year HP can have a happy booth. I hope to get me and LM decked out in random HP attire for a little blatantly obvious free advertising, as well as make us easy to spot. Sexy pictures would likely go up if that plan sees fruitition.

And so ends the news for now. I got rid of the image thingy up top, hope nobody minds, but really you’d have to refresh for three days in half the browsers out there for it to update and tell you the date anyway. So just look once in a while, I guess. D:>

Oh Me, Oh My!

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Greetings, unsuspecting and unbookmarked among you! As you can see, the place has changed. I’m in the process of crafting this lovely new site, and would like to direct your attention to a few details and locations.

First! The full comic archive is here, and proper thanks for that and some other work will be done in due time. The archive will continue to be hosted on and updated at the Comic Genesis site as well, as a backup, but new entries to the commentary and news will mostly carry on here.  If anything breaks on one end, there’s likely still the other.  It’s a good thing.

That said, this site will get most of my attention all in all wiht updates to other things, as well.  While I’m still figuring out the fine details of how I’m going to get the gallery and such on here, the Games page is totally functional and updated from that on the CG site, and other things will be as well, since Trav’s host allows more than basic HTML and images (thus our nifty ComicPress site).

There’s otherwise not a whole lot going on here yet, but rest assured I’m slowly but surely getting this place into shape.  Keep an eye on things, it’ll be like home soon enough.  : D

Consider it the Rough Draft

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Hello again, or in general for those of you just joining us.

While I still consider the site to be a work in progress, it is no less linked to from the ComicGenesis page, so consider it kind of an open beta.  Tell me what you think of things, if something needs to be altered, whatever.  I’m still figuring out ComicPress’s little nuances but all in all the site is operational, comments are enabled as are user accounts, and I’m all for you people hopping around, screaming about typos and wether any given apge sucks, kicks butt, or shows it’s age worse than a senior citizen on a nude beach.

That said, the forums are still around, and I’ll be adjusting the rules for new page threads to account for comments on the front page as well.  As stated in the previous post, the games page is an all new affair, and things are still getting put up around here.  Feel free to look around.

Not Dead… Technically

Friday, August 15th, 2008

I’ve been a bit moody lately, most anyone can tell you.  Lots going on, some obvious some I don’t even know what’s wrong.  Just lacking motivation?  Iunno.

Anyways, filler is still to plan – hopefully a couple per week until I get the cover up.  It’s bein’ a pain.  The Guide is up, kind of, but flawed.  If anyone knows how to get that white bar on the pages gone, that’d be awesome to let me in on.  It’s something about my dividers I guess.

Kumoricon’s getting close.  Me an’ LM ordered shirts and the like.  Hopefully we’ll be easy enough to spot.

Update on things!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Hey!  I know, it’s been like a week with no filler, I’m sorry.  The cover is DONE, I’m simply waiting for next week to post it, on Thursday.  In the meantime, Zeph is working on a nifty little six-page thing with Fols in it and once that’s ready it will get proper attention and you’ll all have something to look at (or at least, those of you who don’t mind a bit of profanity and gore.  Not sure what my average audience age group is, here, but I know it includes my little brother, and quite possibly J’s.  You two?  Don’t click that link when it goes up, mmkay?)

Anyways, less than a week off from our departure for Kumoricon!  Me an’ LM got our nifty HP shirts and stuff and since we’ll probably be the only two there in such attire you kinda know what to look out for.  I’ll try and get pics up sometime before the con, tho.  We’ll also have a HamstaPowah tote bag each (fairly sexy), and LM custom ordered a black shirt with just the logo that came out so amazingly awesome I may have to make that an actual item in the store.  I wish I could do duplicates, I really do.  But that costs money, more per month than the store has made in its whole existance, I think (it’s like 30 a month or something and the store’s made just shy that… we have Kartney shirts now, if you’re an RP fan you should totally get one).

Thanks to Mage I got the Guide started, too, if you haven’t noticed.  You should totally check that stuff out.  All one entry.  Oh yes.

Kumoricon, Ho!

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

The time has come at long last!  Today me and Lardman leave for Kumoricon in the beautiful Portland, OR.!  Yes, we’re leaving two days before it starts.  Something about hotel rates.  S’all good, I need some chillax time.  Yeah, i just said chillax.  Cope.

If you’re gonna be in the vicinity, feel free to keep an eye out for us.  LM even got a nice Kartney shirt (it’s only funnier when the poor bloke is fondling a man-boob) and I’ve got some Hiaté stuff going down, and even once our HP attire is dirty we’ve got the HP bags on our person.  And look like us:

Now I know some of you are greatly disappointed we aren’t more like this and I apologize for that.  I’m sure it’s a severe mental shock.  We’ll between us have something like 80 of the new-fangled fancy HP cards.  It’s either going to be way too few or way too many, my pessimist voting for the latter, my dreamer hoping for the first.  If all else fails, we’ll take a lesson from the people who leave religious tracts all over and dump a few in bathroom stalls.  Now that’s advertising.

Anyways, no worries!  As you can see, the cover is up, and I’ve already got Monday’s page done and am gonna go buffer that thing right now so regardless of how this goes down you’ll be starting Chapter 10 by next week.  Awesome, no?  I thought so.

I’ll try and blog with pics and such.  I’ll even have the webcam for if we decide to be even geekier than usual and record our obscene sums of tardation.  Here’s to hoping for a pleasant experience!

Kumoricon, ‘Lo!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008


LM is taking pictures.  Totally.  We’re sitting in the lobby and he’s… oh, no, his batteries died.  Good job, LM!  I’ve sent email harassment to Liz to see if she’ll make it and were staring at the cosplayers and workers coming by.  this thing runs from 8 am to 2 am every day.  Crazeh hours!  But s’all good.

We went to see the Dark Knight, bought a TV for the room because the TV in the room wouldn’t et us plug in the Wii or anything (GARGLE) and i keep staring at the pool taking counts of cute girls and fat guys, or fat girls I THOUGHT were fat guys (sorry whoever you were, but you looked REALLY manly).  We have more soda and chips than are reasonable and a crapload of crap to do if we somehow get bored.  I also bought the last books of Kenshin and I think I’m caught up on FMA and bought some other stuff and WOO.  Moneys!  Will spend more before this ends – got asketchbook to shove in people’s faces, will have pencil on off chance sketchbook is in my face, fun fun.

Stay tuned!  tomorrow maybe iIll have LM tell you all about IMAGINARY MUGGERS and HOBOS IN RPG BATTLES.  Or we’ll totally forget.  Whichever.

My Heart Gets Stomped Like A Baby Kitten

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Yeah, me and LM went and saw Hamlet 2.  The first half or so is strictly so-so as comedy goes, but has a decent plot, and the second half where the play is going on is freaking hilarious and awesome with great songs like “Raped in the Face” and “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.”  Labor Day or not, that theater deserved a larger crowd for a movie that’s been out less than a week.  Fairly entertaining.

And that’s where the title is from, but it is not without purpose that I choose to quote Hamlet 2, for I honestly feel a bit empty. (more…)

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I’m forcing myself to update the blog.  ‘Cause is dang old blog before it and we need to let people know I’m alive and stuff.  Also i still haven’t found the post max before it starts taking these off the front page.  May need to go manually alter that one.

Um… updates are being scheduled for Mondays.  You’ve probably noticed.  If you haven’t tried it, the caledar shows you everything that’s been done on any give month if you flip through it, from pages to blog posts and such or whatever.  It’s handy.

The forums seem to be in a bit of a visual funk, so I’m guessing Mage’s ancient image hosting account imploded at long last and I’m due to make new images for the place.  My laziness delays that but hardly anybody’s hangin’ around the forums anyway.  Nobody’s commenting much around here either.  Is something broken?  O_o  I should probably update the guide too…

Random con photo time? I think it’s well overdue. I have no idea who this guy is, but he was into it, and cool.

And my axe!

And my axe!

I’ve a lot of these but hey let’s make these last they’re fun.


Friday, September 12th, 2008

The tablet has bit it.  Totally bit it.

I’ve been having issues for a while now with the cord connecting it to the computer.  Over the past week tape has accumulated holding the wire in the sweet spot where power flow and communication is maintained, but the time has come where I can hardly get the light to flicker.  Whatever’s wrong is wrong where the cord connects to the tablet.  Dad’s a maintenance tech, so maybe he can fix it, but if not, I have another $300+ bill to pay off, which I could really do without right now.

What this means for you guys is up in the air.  The next comic is done and will go up on schedule.  After that, I don’t know.  It’d kinda suck to go hand drawn and give this thing another abrupt style change in the middle of things.  I’m about tired of doing that…

I keep telling myself I won’t drag my depression into my HP posts but if you’re feeling like you care then read on.  For the average reader, tho, just know I’m doing what I can. Worst case scenario, I’ve an excuse to work on the game or something.